5 Lessons I’ve Learned in My Blogging Journey

5 Lessons I've Learned in My Blogging Journey

I remember my heart racing with excitement when I published my first blog post, and then the sting of disappointment when I saw in the analytics that I had just a couple of readers per day. I wondered how other bloggers could get hundreds and thousands of readers, although we were writing on similar topics. No, I didn’t want the messages God gave me to sink into the dark depths of the worldwide web. So I asked God for guidance and help, and I set myself on a course of learning. 

Since I started blogging in May 2017, it has been an amazing journey in which I have learned many tough lessons, both blogging-related and spiritual. Blogging has become a holy training ground for experiencing God’s power and help in new, deeper ways. 

Here are five lessons I learned along the way, which I want to share with you. 

  • Blogging is not for the faint-hearted. 

At the beginning of my blogging journey, I did not know what various activities blogging involved and how big the learning curve would be. Blessed ignorance! But every step of the way, God was faithful to supply what I needed — information, helpful resources, the right tips and practical help. I realized blogging is not for the faint-hearted; it requires courage, persistence, long-term commitment and trusting God with every piece of writing that gets published. There were many times I wanted to give up, but God gave me the strength to keep blogging. 

  • Blogging means ongoing learning and going outside our comfort zones. 

The second lesson I learned on my blogging journey is that I need to stay open and willing to learn new things on an ongoing basis in all relevant areas of blogging. I need to be willing to learn and practice things that scare me, like technical stuff. Blogging challenges me to go constantly outside my comfort zone, like trying new tools, incorporating new social media, learning to work with new applications and openly sharing my content in different channels. 

  • Blogging is not just writing blog posts. 

Writing is one of the activities involved in blogging. But then we need to become skilled content creators, learning how to incorporate images, graphics, links and other media tools to create appealing and cohesive content specifically designed for our target groups. As bloggers, we are responsible for creating, curating and providing the best content for our readers that can bring them true value. 

  • For successful blogging, we need the support of other bloggers. 

Blogging is not a lonely, isolated activity. We need the help and support of other bloggers and content creators. My blogging journey has benefited extremely from support and collaboration with other bloggers. I can highly recommend becoming a member of Christian blogger groups. Such groups are invaluable because it is there where most of the learning takes place. 

  • Blogging is a ministry. 

My fifth lesson is adopting the perspective that blogging is a ministry. Such a perspective shapes the way we do things and is a great motivation. When we perceive blogging as a personal ministry to spread the Word of God, to encourage and build up others, our commitment has a stable foundation. It becomes easier for us to overcome setbacks and difficulties. Blogging as a ministry makes us know better the people we serve, and it strengthens our motivation and fuels our perseverance. I continue to learn and dig deeper into blogging. I am sure God has prepared many other lessons on the way to mature and strengthen us as content creators. Every day and with every new post we release into the world, we have the awesome opportunity to reach more people for Jesus, touch hearts and transform lives.  

Which of these lessons can you apply today in your blogging?


Hadassah Treu


Hadassah Treu is an award-winning Christian blogger, author, poet, speaker, and winner of the Encouraging Blogger Award from Fluxing Well for 2020. She loves to encourage and motivate people to stand firm in their faith and grow spiritually by applying biblical truths to their lives. Hadassah is a contributing author to several faith-based platforms, and devotional and poetry anthologies. She is also a COMPEL Training Freelancing Community Group leader and Blogger Voices Network contributor. Hadassah has been featured on (in)courage, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Living by Design Ministries, Her View From Home, Thoughts About God, Today’s Christian Living, and other popular sites. You can find her online by visiting her blog at onthewaybg.com.

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  1. I have learned that there is a huge learning curve. I continually must rely on Him to guide and strengthen me with the technology that tends to trip me up. I love how you closed with reminding us that we have the opportunity to reach and transform lives, all for the glory of God! Thank you!

  2. Thank you, I appreciate the lessons you have learned in your blogging ministry.
    My small, humble blog is where God meets me to share what He places on my heart.
    Thank you for helping me see that blogging is a ministry that can help spread the Word of God.
    God bless you.

  3. Love this statement, “Blogging has become a holy training ground for experiencing God’s power and help in new, deeper ways.”

    The lesson that speaks to me in this season is, “Blogging is not for the faint-hearted.” It’s true. And the only way we will continue when the going gets tough is to know that God called us to use our words for the aid of others in need.

  4. Debbie Rissinger: February 18, 2022 at 10:19 am

    Glad for this post. The whole tech situation has really brought my enthusiasm to a barely there crawl. The more Compel tech lessons I look at the more I want to pull a blanket over my head and keep my written ponderings to myself. Just have to keep plugging ahead.

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  6. I am thankful that you lay out the challenges and encouragements of blogging. How often I have thought of “starting” a blog only to shy away out of fear or just the unknown. Thank you for your honest sharing friend!

  7. I am new to blogging. Retiring from full time ministry with my husband, I thought this would allow me to keep being a woman Gid uses to influence and encourage other women. One month in and it has challenged me to the point of terror and tears!! But I know it’s what God has for me now. Compel seems to be one of the resources God has placed in my path. Thank you for an article that helped me feel like it’s not just me out here!

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Kathie! Just don’t give up. It is difficult in the beginning because there is a lot to learn but with every little step forward it will get better and your confidence will grow. Praying for your blogging ministry!