How to Write Your Very First Blog Post

The gentle urging to start a blog has turned into a full-blown reality. After designing a website and deciding who you want your writing to minister to, you are now prepared to share your unique message with readers who are ready to learn and grow in Christ. It is time to write your very first blog post! But where do you begin? Here are a few simple ingredients you need to serve up your first share-worthy blog post!

The gentle urging to start a blog has turned into a full-blown reality. After designing a website and deciding who you want your writing to minister to, you are now prepared to share your unique message with readers who are ready to learn and grow in Christ. Who knows? Your writing ministry may even open doors to other opportunities like speaking engagements or writing guest posts for other bloggers. How exciting!

But first, you have to write your first blog post.

There really is no recipe for writing your first post, but let’s compare the process to one of my family’s favorite meals: a mouthwatering burger. A good burger needs a few elements to make it irresistible and so does a blog post. Let’s talk about a few key ingredients you’ll need to serve up your first share-worthy blog post.

But wait — before you start, pray over your ministry. What message has God laid on your heart to share with your reader? Ask Him for clarity as you prepare the message. Now, on to the ingredients:

The Bun (the blog post title)

The title of your post, or the headline, is the first thing your readers will see. The title should be relatable to your target audience and no more than 60 characters long. Use an online headline analyzer tool to evaluate your proposed title for readability, SEO and whether the title touches the emotions of your ideal reader.

The Burger (the blog post)

You’ve nailed down a title for your post. After praying over your message and discerning what it is God wants you to share, it’s time to get down to the business of writing. Some of the most impactful, memorable verses in Scripture are Jesus’ parables where He shared a relatable story and turned it into a lesson. Be authentic in your writing and write for an audience of one — your ideal reader. When it comes to formatting, break up large blocks of text, utilizing bullet points, headings or smaller paragraphs where needed.

The Condiments (the extras that make your blog post stand out)

Finally, there are a few finishing touches you will need to add to your blog post content. The two most important elements are a call to action and graphics.

Call to action: Blogging is a two-way street and your audience is waiting for an invitation to interact with you. Insert an opt-in at the end of your blog post to continue the online relationship. Using an email marketing platform, invite readers to subscribe to your newsletter to be notified when you post new content. Also invite readers to leave a comment and share your post. Don’t forget to reply when they do!

Graphics: Turn your “sticky statement” or quotable phrase from your post into a graphic for sharing on social media. For extra marketing power, consider converting the blog post into another format, like an accompanying audio or video message.

Writing your first blog post may seem stressful and filled with uncertainty. But going into your writing ministry armed with prayer and a solid plan will give you confidence! What other ideas do you have for writing a solid blog post? Share in the comments below!


Regina Lewis


Regina is a writer and multi-business owner with a heart for ministering to teens and young adults battling depression. She is a member of the COMPEL Training Executive Volunteer Leadership team and a COMPEL blog contributor. Much of her free time is spent reading, journaling, preparing and teaching homeschool lessons, and being an enthusiastic football mom. Regina enjoys Sunday naps and chatting with others about God's goodness over a cup of Earl Grey. She lives in Ohio with her family.

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  6. Lindora Mullen: October 26, 2021 at 8:53 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article Regina. I am just now starting out and trying to get everything in order especially the website which is a chore in itself for a newbie. But like you say, pray first. Thank you for the information, it was very helpful. Remain Blessed,

  7. Yes! Your post is memorable and oh-so helpful!

  8. I am finding that the more transparent I am with my reader, the more responsive they are to my writing. By this I mean that I don’t write or share from a higher vantage point, but from the trenches and in the fox hole with them. When sharing “my struggle” I often hear “me too”.

    • Great point, Tracie. Readers want to connect with the writer, they want to come away with the feeling that someone understands and authenticity is the key to that. Thanks so much for commenting!