3 Questions To Ask When Creating Your Next Freebie (and How To Do It)

What are freebies, and how do we create them? If you have these questions, friends, then you can stop right here! Look no further because in this week’s blog post, we will learn how to make our own freebies, while also figuring out how to make the right ones to capture our target audience.

Whether you are someone who’s been making free resources for a while or if you’re overwhelmed at the thought of even trying to create one, here’s what’s true: It’s easy to feel stumped by how best to serve our readers through freebies. One of the greatest privileges we have as writers is to serve our audiences well, and one way we can do that is by creating valuable, free resources to offer our people. You might be thinking:

But what can I create that hasn’t already been made?

What will be attractive to my readers? 

What if I put my time into making a resource that nobody downloads?

These are all valid reasons that can keep us caught in our thoughts and prevent us from creating anything at all! Friends, let’s get unstuck together! Grab a paper and pen, and let’s walk through three questions that can help us figure out a great resource that we can eagerly present to our audiences. 

  1. What problem or felt need might my audience be experiencing in their everyday lives? 

Take a quick inventory of the age and season of life of your audience. Busy moms? Young adults? Empty nesters? Entrepreneurs? Narrow down your audience, write them down, and place a circle around their title. Make a web of the many problems you think they might be experiencing. Here are some examples:

  1. What resource could help solve that problem or make life a little bit easier for them?

After considering your audience’s unique struggles, jot down a resource next to that problem that would provide encouragement, guidance and Truth.

Some ideas could include: 

  • A printable schedule for the busy mom to map out her day. 
  • Downloadable lock screens with verses about trusting God with the future.
  • A questionnaire for the entrepreneur to narrow down their very best business venture.

This ensures the resources we are creating are speaking to a problem our audience is having or a felt need they are experiencing. Our readers will feel heard, seen and cared for when we offer them something to simply lighten their load. 

  1. How can I create momentum and engagement with my resources? 

One of the most successful ways to share your new resource is to create some buzz around it! After all, we want to build anticipation and foster engagement with our resources for weeks and months to come! As you get ready to launch your free resource, here are some ideas to foster anticipation and engagement:

  • Create a hashtag and encourage your audience to share pictures with their resource using the hashtag! You’ll be able to share these posts/resources so that others can see people engaging with your resource.
  • If you’re doing a Bible study or devotional, create a Facebook group and go through the study together — fostering community! 
  • Do an Instagram/TikTok video, or a series of videos, discussing the specific problem you are addressing in your resource. On the last day of your series, announce your free resource!

Creating your next resource doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Free resources can be a great way to serve, grow and encourage your audience. Consider your audience, their needs, a resource that can help them, and a creative way to get your audience excited about what you’re offering them! I’m cheering you on as you brainstorm and create your next freebie!

Kaitlin Garrison

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What is your biggest struggle or fear when it comes to creating a free resource?


Kaitlin Garrison is a 20-something gal, who has been gripped by grace and set free in ways she still can’t get over. She is wife to her fiery, red-headed husband, Lance, and she spends her days teaching second graders and loves all things crafty. Kaitlin is passionate about reaching the next generation with the gospel of freedom, through writing, speaking and discipleship.

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  1. I’ve been struggling with creating a free resource. I love the web approach: who’s your reader, what are their problems/felt needs, what resources can I offer to meet those needs? Thanks for the guidance, especially the ideas for building engagement.