A Great Way to Support Someone Called to Be A Writer

One of the hardest things about being a writer at times, especially a Christian nonfiction writer, is helping people understand the call on your life to do so. Not that friends and family don’t want to support us in our callings, but sometimes, they may just not get it. That often leaves writers feeling like nobody really understands and that they are walking this journey without a lot of support.

Any calling from God on someone’s life is personal, intimate and fueled out of a personal relationship with Him, but some callings are just easier to see and support than others. For example, it’s easy to support someone who feels called to the mission field. The church rallies around and prays for them, fundraisers get set up to support their journeys, and send-off parties are planned. But being called to write can often feel invisible and unseen especially when it feels like nobody is really cheering you on.

As a writer myself, I know what it feels like to feel as if nobody really understands my calling, especially when it involved sharing personal details of my life and God’s intervention in it. When I first felt called to quit my full-time job and focus on speaking and writing, even people who loved and adored me didn’t fully understand or get on board with my goals. Not that they didn’t want to be supportive — they just weren’t sure how. Yet it was a time when I needed to know that people were behind me, praying for me, encouraging me and believing in my talent and my desire to write.

At COMPEL, we also know the importance of feeling encouraged and supported as a writer and as a result, we are now launching our new COMPEL gift membership program! We are so excited about this new program because it provides a tangible way for friends and family members of aspiring and seasoned writers to invest in their loved one’s call from God to write and fully show how much they support them.

So if you know someone who longs to write a book, write devotions or learn to blog, or if you have a friend or loved one who is a writer striving to grow in their craft of writing or pursue their publishing dreams, how blessed would they be if you invested in their calling and showed your support in such a tangible way?! And what better time than Mother’s Day to let the writer in your life know that you understand and believe God has great plans for their writing dreams.

A COMPEL Training gift membership is the perfect gift for any aspiring or seasoned writer. COMPEL offers a variety of writing training, from beginning to advanced topics, through an extensive course library, hundreds of lessons, and new teachings every week. COMPEL also offers writers a place to connect and build relationships with other writers and feel less alone in their writing journey.

Gift memberships are available in five increments:

1 Month – $30
2 Months – $55
3 Months – $85
6 Months – $160
12 Months – $300

For more information or to purchase a COMPEL gift membership card which comes with a printable gift certificate to give to the recipient, CLICK HERE. 


Tracie Miles has been the Director of COMPEL Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries since January 2017, and has been volunteering on the speaker and writer teams for Proverbs 31 since 2007. Tracie is an author coach who works one on one with writers of all levels to help them pursue their writing dreams, and can be found at www.traciemiles.com. She is the author of seven bestselling books, including Living Unbroken, Love Life Again, Unsinkable Faith, Stress Less Living and Your Life Still Counts, and has a new book releasing July 2024 called God's Got You: Embracing New Beginnings With Courage and Confidence. She is also the founder of the national Living Unbroken Divorce Recovery Program, a 7 week study series to help women heal and recover together. Tracie has three grown children, two of whom are married, and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can connect with Tracie on her website at www.traciemiles.com as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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