One Person’s Hope May Depend on Your Investment of Kindness

One Person's Hope May Depend on Your Investment of Kindness

Some of my most intimate friendships formed while attending conferences for writers. In fact, if not for the selfless investment of kindness from a new friend, my first conference experience may have been my last.

Hundreds of attendees gathered in a sprawling room for networking, book signings and reuniting with friends. The energy in that space fueled my desire to achieve my goal — to finally be a real writer.

Aspirations of reaching others with my words outweighed the risks that night; I chose to go all in. However, my hopes faltered with each new greeting, every question and a few raised eyebrows.

“Hi! Do you have a business card?”

I didn’t.

“What do you write? What’s your genre?”

I wasn’t sure.

“Who’s your target audience?”

Perspiration dotted my skin. “I … I just like encouraging people in Christ.”

I retreated to a perimeter wall and sent God a silent prayer: Did I hear You wrong? Did I hear You at all? Or did I fool myself with a dream of my own design?

One of the most valuable lessons of my life came through a woman who saw me in my discomfort and chose to invest kindness in me. She was a seasoned writer pitching her latest manuscript. Honestly, she had more to lose than me — or so I thought. She spoke words of kindness to me and encouraged my heart just when I needed it, and I want to pass those words of wisdom along to you today. I hope the following truths help you as much as they helped me during that time.

~Christ qualifies you according to the call and the talents He bestowed on you. If you write, you are a real writer. Thank Him by writing your story. Write in a journal. Write on a blog. Write for Christ. Earthly credentials aren’t bad, but they are not your source of identity.

~Christ blesses you with the bounty of His love, His life and the truth. Be one who invests sacrificially in others. We’re in a race together, not in a competition against one another. Friend, because we are His, every advance of His Kingdom is a victory in — and for — Him.

~Christ authors your story, and you get to use your voice — your words — to glorify Him. There is purpose in being uniquely you. Your story is invaluable to a world in need of what only He can infinitely supply — the riches of His grace and mercy in the currency of eternal life. 

~Christ leads you to those who need the messages you write. Follow His lead in developing your craft, defining your audience and demonstrating your love for others. I learned from those around me without losing sight of the One who leads me — the same One who leads you.

I am but one who was helped by the kindness of a friend. Together we get to invest in others during our time here, this side of heaven. Ultimately all who believe are beneficiaries of the kindness of God in Christ. (Ephesians 2:7) What better way to honor Him than investing by example? Who will you pass your wisdom along to today? May His kindness to you be the source of your investment in others.

In His Service,

Charla Matthews

 How has God invested in your writing journey through the kindness of another?


Charla Matthews is a sojourner in Christ who seeks to listen to — and obey — the single voice of Truth. She thrives on communicating God’s Word through teaching and writing. Charla enjoys a good belly laugh, gets misty-eyed during profound moments with God, and strives for quality living with family and friends. Above all else, she loves Jesus without shame.

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  1. Marlene Custer: June 27, 2022 at 11:01 am

    Thank you for this encouragement.

  2. What a wonderful example for us all! Keep writing and encouraging others with your experiences.

  3. Hi Charla,
    This is so true! How we writers need each other! Investing in each other is biblical. Thank you for pointing this out and for sharing your story.