Podcasting Through the Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season once again, and the big question for podcasters is how to embrace it? Should you take a break? Should you do a holiday series? The options seem endless. Here are a few ideas to set up a successful plan for your podcast this holiday season!

The holiday season is upon us, and as podcasters, it’s an exciting time to connect with our audience in unique and meaningful ways, but this can be difficult to navigate during such a full time of the year. Here are three ways to navigate podcasting this holiday season:

  1. Embrace the pause.

The holidays are a time for connection, reflection, and spending quality time with loved ones. As podcasters, we can tend to put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to keep going during busy seasons, but chances are if we need a break, our community does as well!

Of course, there are times when we should push through, but it’s also OK to pause. If you’ve felt the nudge to pause, allow yourself to lean into that, and encourage your audience to do the same. This break will enable you to recharge your creative energies and encourage your listeners to be present with their families and loved ones.

The important thing to remember when taking a pause is that you’ll want to give your audience a heads-up and set the expectation on when you’ll be back. You can kick off your break by releasing an episode sharing your excitement about the upcoming holiday season, and leave them with tips on how they can also lean into this beautiful time of year as well.

  1. Engage your listeners with a holiday giveaway.

The spirit of giving is at its peak during the holidays, making it an excellent time for a podcast giveaway. Not only does this keep your audience engaged, but it also rewards them for their loyalty and support throughout the year. Encourage your listeners to share your podcast with their friends and family to help maintain your numbers while you’re on your break. 

You can choose holiday-themed prizes that resonate with your podcast’s niche and audience’s interests. Be sure to set up clear rules for participation, such as sharing your podcast on social media or leaving reviews on podcast platforms.

This option allows another opportunity to pause but can also be a fun annual tradition your community looks forward to each year.

  1. Prerecord a festive podcast series.

If taking a break from releasing content is not something that will work for you or your audience, you could plan a series allowing you to have a break while content continues to release.

Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit like heartwarming stories, traditions and festive discussions. Take advantage of this by prerecording a special holiday-themed podcast series your listeners can enjoy throughout the season. This keeps your content flowing and allows your audience to have a consistent connection with your podcast while you have time to take a break.

The holiday season presents a beautiful opportunity for podcasters to foster a deeper connection with their audience. Ultimately, do what works best for you as the host. The key is to balance sharing your passion for podcasting while cherishing the precious moments that the holidays bring. 


Bethany Adkins

What works best for you and your podcast during the holiday season? Share in the comments!


Bethany Adkins is a pediatric nurse turned stay-at-home mom who has always had a love for reading and writing. She is now a blogger, podcaster, freelance writer and podcast manager and spends her time creating content to help other women discover and pursue their God-given passions. If she is not adventuring with her family, you can find her at the nearest coffee shop, diving into a good book or creating one of her own.

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