You’ve Got Something To Say; Is a Podcast Right for You?

Are you interested in podcasting but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Want to learn more about what podcasting is and what it takes? In this post, Denise Pass does an incredible job breaking it down for us in language we can understand so we can decide, once and for all, if podcasting is the way to go ...

Ten years ago, I would have laughed had you told me that I would start a podcast, let alone three. Of course, podcasts were not all the rage back then. But also, this girl was shy, y’all. Given that one of the greatest fears today is public speaking, why in the world would I seek out a podcast? Added to the imposter syndrome we can all feel when we dare to dip our toes into something we have never done before, podcasting was not even a thought.

Then came Jesus. 

Suddenly, shyness was no longer an excuse I could use when I had the honor of sharing the greatest news in the world! 

I am dating myself here, but when I was saved in 1988, let’s just say there were no cellphones, no social media, and, um, no internet. Witnessing to others was in person. Then five years later, I became a stay-at-home mom. How was I to share the message in my heart with the world outside of the bubble I created? I had a ministry where I traveled and gave concerts, and served in the church, but there was something more God was placing on my heart: podcasting. 

Sharing God’s message in our hearts is easier in many respects than ever before, but it will take effort, like anything else. Sometimes people start a podcast to build their platform because publishers want authors to have a platform. This is not the reason to start a podcast. If we view our platform as a “have to” instead of a “get to,” we miss the point entirely. Below are three reasons (the three “C’s”) why God led me to share my message through podcasting.

  • Conversation.

A podcast is a way of having conversations with the people you are trying to reach. It is a way to speak into an area near and dear to your heart and for listeners to respond to that message. There is not enough time in a day to hold conversations with 6,000 people in a month, but my Bible Tribe podcast reached that many people in a month. A podcast helps us to reach further with our message in a personal way. It is conversational and a way to come alongside our listeners rather than preach to them.

  • Consistency.

Podcasting creates an opportunity for consistency in your messaging. Whether you do a weekly or daily podcast, you can plan content in advance and develop a relationship with your followers. 

  • Connection.

When we have an online presence that enables people to connect with us when they want to, via recordings on various topics, we are “there” for our listeners. The age of social media has made connecting with others even easier and also enabled sharing of our podcasts to go far and wide.

How To Know if Podcasting Is for You

Do you have the gift of gab? Podcasting goes hand in hand with speaking. You know podcasting is for you when God provides the inspiration and you find yourself coming up with ideas despite perhaps your resistance to stick yourself out there in a podcast.

If you are patient enough to put the work in to learn how to record, edit and post your podcast, the fruit of your labor will last for years to come.

All for Jesus,


Is podcasting something God is laying on your heart? How can you begin to plan today?


Biblical-mindset coach, author, speaker, worship leader, podcaster, with an M.A. in biblical exposition, Denise is the author of Make Up Your Mind, Shame Off You, 31 Days of Hope Reinvented, and other discipleship books. She serves on the writing team for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ First 5 app and COMPEL and has a daily broadcast/podcast through her Bible Tribe® reading plan. Denise home-schooled her five children; four recently graduated from college, and her youngest adoptive son is a senior in high school. She is the Family Ministries and Worship Arts Director at her church. Denise and her husband live near Fredericksburg, VA.

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