You are not “Just a Writer”

You are not "Just a Writer"

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

I wrote this quote from Hemingway on a small, pink piece of paper. It’s been on my fridge for years.

The gift of writing is underrated. Anyone can spew words, but only a writer can make sense of them and communicate something meaningful.

Everyone has feelings, but only a writer can run their finger along life’s raw edges and weeping wounds and stitch them up with a story of hope. A good writer takes truth from the depths of their faith and brings to the surface what others may not have seen.

Never say you’re just a writer.

Know that, when you write, heaven and hell fight to flow through your bloodstream and stab through your fingers, shooting out and spilling onto every page. The devil knows your future and wants to keep others from joining you in the presence of eternal joy with Jesus. But Jesus fights back harder and wields truth as you type.

No, you’re not just a writer. Because when you write, all the chaos that floats from history on down comes to order, and suddenly the past is resolved in the present.

Not everyone can write.

To some, God gives the gift of public speaking so those who are listening together can learn. To some, God gives the gift of personal writing — so readers who sit, alone, can see the treasures of God’s Truth in a new color. 

But writing isn’t a gift to place our human pride in, for God will humble us, and we’ll get to write about that, too.

Love truth. Seek truth. Bleed truth.

Jesus bled and died on the cross for the Truth to set us free.

May truth flow as we write so others are set free, too.

Written by Jessica Hanna, COMPEL Training Member 


Tracie Miles has been the Director of COMPEL Training at Proverbs 31 Ministries since January 2017, and has been volunteering on the speaker and writer teams for Proverbs 31 since 2007. Tracie is an author coach who works one on one with writers of all levels to help them pursue their writing dreams, and can be found at She is the author of seven bestselling books, including Living Unbroken, Love Life Again, Unsinkable Faith, Stress Less Living and Your Life Still Counts, and has a new book releasing July 2024 called God's Got You: Embracing New Beginnings With Courage and Confidence. She is also the founder of the national Living Unbroken Divorce Recovery Program, a 7 week study series to help women heal and recover together. Tracie has three grown children, two of whom are married, and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can connect with Tracie on her website at as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Thank you for this encouragement to “go forward” in the calling. You have spoken to my soul. I love this … “Everyone has feelings, but only a writer can run their finger along life’s raw edges and weeping wounds and stitch them up with a story of hope.” Thank you for being bold, brave and obedient. May we all hone our gift to pour into the lives of those that are broken… just like we are.

  2. I breathed a deep sigh after reading this, like viewing a beautiful painting. So good for any writer’s soul.

  3. Thank you for these wise, beautiful words of encouragement!

  4. Beautifully said!

  5. Live the imagery in this. Writing is a gift from God that wields truth.

  6. Elissa Martin: July 13, 2021 at 9:40 am