4 Tips to Make Writing Goals for the New Year

As a new year approaches we begin to think about what we want our New Year goals to look like. Sounds simple enough but the truth is, we can get discouraged or overwhelmed doing so. Fear not. Here are 4 tips you need to make goals for the upcoming New Year as effective and easy as possible.

As we get ready to welcome the new year, it automatically makes us think of goals and dreams. It can also cause discouragement. That’s the last thing you want as you dream, plan, and look forward to a new year. Today let’s look at four things to consider as we make our New Year’s goals.

1. Review last year’s goals

Examine last year’s goals. As you do, answer these questions:

  • Were your goals reasonable?
  • What got in the way of achieving those goals?
  • Is there anything you need to address?
  • Do you need to adjust your expectations in this season?

Be honest with your answers. No guilt allowed! You will learn from your mistakes and your successes as you review.

2. Pray

Sounds simple, right? Yet it’s normally left out of the process. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Invite the Lord to show you.

3. Break down major goals into attainable goals

While “write a book” is a great goal, it’s too big. Instead, you might break down your goals into these steps:

  • Write a synopsis or theme for my book idea
  • Listen to a COMPEL teaching on how to write a book proposal
  • Write my book proposal (Break this into steps!)
  • Write value statements for each chapter
  • Complete three chapters to include with my proposal
  • Share my completed proposal with a publisher or agent

Now you have doable goals that lead to a completed project.

4. Create doable deadlines

In COMPEL, we have a community group called Connection Courtyard. One of the things we do in the CC is share goals for the month, as well as celebrate the previous week’s goals. It’s not unusual for a writer to be frustrated because they didn’t accomplish their goals from the previous month.

When they dig deeper, they often determine they are creating deadlines but not making them doable.

They pattern their deadlines after a full-time writer when they are a mom with three small children and a part-time job. They create unreasonable deadlines, feeling like it’s better to work under pressure, only to feel they’ve failed when they don’t meet them.

  • What is your life like in this season?
  • What is a reasonable deadline?
  • Dare not to compare.
  • Don’t try to mimic anyone else’s schedule, goals, or deadlines.

As you make your New Year’s goals, create deadlines that work with your real life. When you do, you are giving yourself the opportunity to succeed. Create a goal. Break it into manageable tasks. Give each task a doable deadline that factors in your life.

Celebrate every step of the way!

Suzie Eller

With a new year comes new opportunities and possibilities. Maybe you get excited and energized by the thought of setting new goals at the beginning of each calendar year. Or perhaps the thought of trying to start something new is intimidating and scary. Friend, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, let us ease your heart and your mind with this reminder: There’s nothing magical about a new year. But there is something biblical about taking steps of obedience.

That’s why we put together the Follow Your Dreams Action Plan, to help you dream with the Lord what steps of obedience He might be calling you into this year. Click HERE to download today!


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