5 Ways to Maximize your Writing’s Reach using Pinterest

To all content creators, here’s a question! Have you considered Pinterest? Many writers don’t typically think of Pinterest when they’re sharing their work on the other popular social media platforms such as Facebook. The truth is Pinterest might just be the platform you didn’t know you needed! Here are 5 helpful ways to utilize Pinterest that you won’t want to miss!

Creating content that will help your readers not only includes the research and writing process but also the marketing.  Most writers promote their content on the more popular social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, reaching a dedicated group of followers built up over time. But what if you are just starting out and you don’t have a large following?

New writers may find Pinterest an attractive sharing option as the number of followers is less of a factor than content quality. Pinterest is unlike other social media platforms. It is a social network that users share (or pin) content to their own or other’s boards. Most social media platforms promote the most recent content to followers whereas Pinterest content is in it for the long game, with users saving and sharing what they plan to utilize in the future. Users come to Pinterest looking for ideas over interaction.

Whether you are new to Pinterest or are a long-time Pinterest user, here are five ways to maximize your writing using Pinterest and reach an even larger audience.

  1. Make sure you are using a Pinterest business account.  A Pinterest business account will give you access to helpful analytics and other tools to help you create content your readers want. 
  2. Use keywords in your Pinterest profile. Since Pinterest is part social media platform and part search engine, using the right keywords in your profile will get your content in front of readers searching for that particular topic. For example, if your writing targets Christian mothers of toddlers, your profile description could look something like this: “Jane Smith | Author and Writer | Helping busy Christian mothers of toddlers grow in their faith.”
  3. Pin new content at least once per week. Pinterest recommends pinning new content at least once per week. There is no best time to post on Pinterest and unlike other social media platforms that rely heavily on algorithms, Pinterest puts the emphasis on the quality of Pins and keywords. It is not when and how often you Pin content, but rather what and how well you Pin. This means your well-written and keyword-rich Pin will stay in the feed much longer. For maximum visibility, make sure your Pins link back to your website. 
  4. Add a Pinterest button to your brand elements. Place a Pinterest follow button on your website or email newsletter. This is an easy way to increase traffic to your Pinterest profile, where your readers can find even more of your content.
  5. Create Idea Pins. Pinterest’s Idea Pins are similar to the story feature on other social media platforms but with a few differences:  Idea Pins do not expire after 24 hours, meaning your content will reach even more people for a longer period of time. As Christian writers, we have lots of biblical verses. Take those verses and turn them into an Idea Pin to share on Pinterest.

Every social media platform has its pros and cons but if you want to take the overwhelm out of growing a large follower base, Pinterest might be a viable option. Using Pinterest to share Truth will reach not only your followers, but also others searching for ways to grow in their faith.


Regina Lewis

Are you using Pinterest to share your content or do you plan to include Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy?


Regina is a writer and multi-business owner with a heart for ministering to teens and young adults battling depression. She is a member of the COMPEL Training Executive Volunteer Leadership team and a COMPEL blog contributor. Much of her free time is spent reading, journaling, preparing and teaching homeschool lessons, and being an enthusiastic football mom. Regina enjoys Sunday naps and chatting with others about God's goodness over a cup of Earl Grey. She lives in Ohio with her family.

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  1. I am excited of the timing this “training” was shared to me from my courageous and loving wife of 33 years.
    Although this seem to be aimed more towards blogging online platforms like Facebook; of which I currently do not use due to negative experiences.
    My gifting is that of an encourager and by means of texting to 2,000 personal contacts as lead by Holy Spirit.
    So I am compel to write a Mini-Book and maybe do a podcast as a few made such comments to me.
    Can you help ? Praying with thanksgiving for you!
    Respectfully, cliffordjbrown

  2. Love this, Regina! So helpful! Thank you for these specific tips!