How To Land on a Writing Niche That Readers Want To Read

Are you finding it difficult to identify exactly what your writing niche is? You might be questioning what it is you’re best at or what you can really speak into. Well, you’re in the right place, my friend. Here are four tips to help you land on a compelling writing niche tailor-made just for YOU.

Are you finding it difficult to land on your writing niche? Do you have an idea you’re excited about, but you’re not sure it’s a topic that will resonate with readers? Maybe it needs to be refined into a more specific niche. Or maybe, because you’re passionate about many topics, you’re finding it hard to finalize a writing niche.

These four prayerfully considered areas will help you land on a compelling writing niche.

  • Consider your passion. 

Our passion for writing about a certain topic often stems from a personal experience, challenge or painful time. For example, Denise went through one of the hardest seasons of her life when she became her mother’s end-of-life caregiver. Requiring her to perform all kinds of new tasks that stretched her, she landed on caregiving from a biblically based perspective as her writing niche. 

A few more questions to hone your passion: What do you listen to on podcasts or read about? What topic could you talk and talk about? Can you sustain this passion, or will you lose interest? 

One more note about passion: My passion simmers rather than roars; nevertheless, I’m still excited. Maybe you’re like me. Know that either response is valid when landing on a topic you’re passionate enough about to make your writing niche.

  • Consider feedback.

Do people seek you out for advice and/or discussions on certain topics? If so, consider this feedback that your expertise is needed and might be a perfect niche. 

If you’re already posting on social media and/or writing blog posts, do you get feedback on certain topics? That interaction could be an indication of an interested audience. If you haven’t shared your niche idea on social media, throw it out and see what kind of response you get.

And don’t forget about talking in person! The insights resulting from an in-person discussion might be what tips the scales in favor of a certain niche.

  • Consider your how and why.

How do you want to publish your writing? Microblogging, blogging, devotions, Bible study, book manuscript? Your publishing vehicle might lend itself to some topics better than others. Then think about your why: Why do you want to write on certain topics? Do you want to write to leave a legacy? Do you want your clients to have a how-to book? Do you want to encourage women in a certain area? The answers to your how and why questions can give you direction for your writing niche.

  • Consider your publishing route. 

We’d be wise to acknowledge that Christian writing is both a ministry and a business. If your goal is to traditionally publish, marketability is especially important. A publisher is making a tremendous investment to publish your book, and they are looking for a return. If self-publishing, then you may have more financial wiggle room.

Praying, reflecting and experimenting will help you land on your writing niche. Take time this week to write these questions in your journal, and spend time praying and reflecting on them as you write your responses down. Then take one specific action step — maybe posting on social media or having a conversation with someone about your topic — to move you forward in landing on your writing niche.

So glad you’re here.

Melanie S. Chitwood

How did you land on your writing niche? Share a question or tip you used to find your niche.


Melanie Chitwood is a writer, writing coach and editor. She’s the author of Harvest House books: What a Husband Needs from His Wife and What a Wife Needs from Her Husband. For the past six years, she’s been a writing coach and editor, working with Christian nonfiction writers of all abilities. Her favorite times are spent with family and friends around her farm table, playing games, telling stories and laughing hard. She’s a former Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and writer and is excited to be back with Proverbs 31 Ministries. You can connect with Melanie on her blog at

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