The Secret to Persuasion in Writing

The Secret to Persuasion in Writing

I write this article on the heels of attending Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference and my second one-on-one meeting with a publisher. While I’m no expert on the process, I’d love to share how the wise words of industry professionals are helping me dial into the needs of my readers and write a unique, authentic message that evokes lasting change.

The secret to persuasion is attention and authentic connection, which is why opening with a personal story is so powerful. Sharing our experiences in a tasteful, God-honoring way allows us to create “Me too!” moments where the reader feels understood and finds her pain validated. 

As faith writers who desire to inspire hope and lead readers through change, taking a personal inventory of our past is the first step to producing publisher-worthy content. If you’ve been walking with the Lord throughout your writing journey, you’ll likely see a pattern of life themes emerge in your messages. Pay attention, especially to your past paths of pain, because that’s where you’re likely to discover your passion.

One of the best pieces of advice given to me is to position myself as an author with depth to secure a long-term relationship with a publisher. First-time authors with writing closets full of buildable content stand out among their peers and are most attractive to publishers. That’s why doing the personal inventory and keeping track of what the Lord teaches you and how He changes you is so valuable. Your entire ministry becomes a moral imperative, a subject of critical importance fueled by a passion that propels you forward in your divine purpose and paves the way to an authentic connection with your reader. 

Now let’s talk about the second element of persuasion — attention. Who or what is the center of attention in your writing? After you’ve established common ground with your reader, awaken her consciousness by putting a name to what she feels but cannot explain and begin the journey of taking her from where she is to where she wants to be in a unique way. 

Friends, few things bring more glory to God than sharing words He speaks to us in our time of need to comfort someone in a similar situation somewhere down the road. Frame your experiences to make your reader believe your message will carry her to hope beyond her pain and create a powerful shift in her emotions so she can visualize a brighter future.


Kelly Kirby Worley

How can you utilize your past spiritual victories to clarify your message and offer one-of-a-kind solutions to your reader’s problem?


Kelly is a marketing-savvy Christian communicator, writer and artist passionate about encouraging and empowering women to trust God and know who they are in Christ. She serves as a volunteer leader for a COMPEL Critique Group and is a member of the COMPEL Training blog writing team. You can follow Kelly's writing on Instagram @kellykirbyworley or connect through her website:

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