Your Words as An Offering to God

Your Words as An Offering to God

Choosing to publish precious personal words is not an easy decision for some writers. Knowing those words are penned for the glory of God with hopes of helping others can stop the flow before ink hits paper — or fingers tap keys. For me, “what if I” questions taunt my progress.

 What if I publish a typo?

 What if I publish a misinterpretation of God’s Word?

 What if I publish words that turn people AWAY from God?

 I think now is a great time to say I can offer help to keep paper bags at bay — hyperventilation crushes creativity! I love how the book of Mark encourages us to give what we can and watch God do the rest. In Mark 12:42-44 we read,

 “A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which amount to a cent. Calling His disciples to Him, He said to them, ‘Truly I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all the contributors to the treasury; for they all put in out of their surplus, but she, out of her poverty, put in all she owned, all she had to live on’” (NASB1995).

 In this passage, we see a widow, two coins, Christ and His disciples. What did Christ see? Pure devotion. Only He knew the value of her gift — her offering beyond the clink of copper coins.

 I, too, am learning to present my words as a simple offering — an authentic expression of my devotion to the Lord before I publish. Here are three ways I present my publishing to Him:

  1. Publishing as an offering to God.

Writing words to/for God is a sweet motivation to give due diligence to seeking truth and quality in our messages. We are honored to craft words that lead others to salvation, healing, and hope. It’s quite a relieving perspective to offer words from the provision of our Father from the posture of devotion to Him who gives good gifts. This helps me remain mindful that He is the source of the messages I share.

 2. Publishing as an offering to the body of Christ.

Words are the currency of our craft. When we write according to God’s leading, the body of Christ is nourished. Christ used the widow’s offering to teach His disciples about true devotion to God. Observe your fellowship. Listen to your brothers and sisters in Christ. How can your words become an offering to support the health of the Church?

 3. Publishing as an offering to the world.

When we offer our words to the world, we invest in souls in need of new life. Outside of the ultimate example of God’s Word, I can’t help but think of authors whose words pointed me to Christ when I was lost. Had the widow in Christ’s message chosen to spend her coins elsewhere, we wouldn’t benefit from her story today. Isn’t the salvation of those in need the greatest reason to offer our words to the world?

Take a few quiet moments to imagine one soul when it’s touched by your offering. I encourage you to write those precious words and offer them to God. He will give you His peace to publish them for His glory peace born of your true devotion to Him. May you be assured that God wooed you to write because someone awaits your words.

There’s really no way around it. Publishing our words for the whole world to read can be intimidating for many reasons. Here’s the thing though; we don’t have to let that stop us. Find out how sharing our words is one of the most important acts we will do.

In His service,

Charla Matthews

How do you overcome negative pressure related to publishing your words? We’d love to hear from you!


Charla Matthews is a sojourner in Christ who seeks to listen to — and obey — the single voice of Truth. She thrives on communicating God’s Word through teaching and writing. Charla enjoys a good belly laugh, gets misty-eyed during profound moments with God, and strives for quality living with family and friends. Above all else, she loves Jesus without shame.

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  1. Charla, your wisdom is heartfelt. Imagining one soul touched by God’s Word through me, inspired by the Spirit, is indeed an offering to our Most High. Thank you for this fresh perspective to give what you can, and watch God do the rest.

  2. Thank you for this most encouraging, timely post. I, too, worry if I’m misinterpreting God’s word. As I write, the most important thing for me to remember is that His glory is revealed.
    God bless you for writing to give us hope and encouragement.

    • God’s timing is perfect, and I’m grateful He allowed our paths to cross here at Compel. May your offering of words glorify Him and land on the hearts in need of what only you can share.

  3. Thank you for this post. I recently sent “God’s Gift to Us – Christmas” to the publisher. Of course, as soon as I “sent” I had qualms not good enough, would be better as I mature. But, written for God’s glory and to encourage and/or show the plan of salvation to those in need. As the Bible states, “the fields are ripe, ready for harvest.” The time is now to share what God has laid on my heart to write. May Jesus Christ be praised.

    • Howdy, Judy 🙂 So good to see you! Yes! May His peace embrace your journey, and I pray you celebrate following through on offering your words for His glory!

  4. Thank you, Charla, for a post that brings simple clarity to what often feels mind-boggling! I see it’s really me that gets me stuck – listening to the Censor, our Enemy – not my heart’s Caller.

    • Yes! Well said, Debbie. When our heart is united with Christ, following Him is a beautiful adventure of serving for His pleasure. May your offering of words for His glory find rest in the hearts of your readers.

  5. Beautiful reminders! Thank you!

  6. I love this, Charla! The enemy would love to distract us by whispering lies about what publishing is not, like validation. We need to keep the truths you’ve shared in front of us like a road map. I always appreciate your wise words.

    • Cathy, thank you for being such an encourager! Of the things the enemy loves, one is wooing us wayward from our Father’s call. God not only defines our validation, He is our validation! I’m grateful we get to serve Him together 🙂

  7. This is a really good and convicting post. I’m always so hesitant to publish. I’m afraid of what people will think, afraid of doing it for the wrong reasons… But I know God’s called me to it, and your point about the woman giving what she had (and what would happen if she hadn’t given) is so apt. Thank you!

    • We’re here with you, and we’re for you! I pray you find comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your hesitancy – because you care about your words and those who receive them. May your confidence in Him who called you be the courage to set your words free for those in need.

  8. Misinterpretation of God’s word. That is the number one thing that keeps me from writing. I never want to be the one that gets something wrong.