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Launch of COMPEL Pro

COMPEL Pro is coming on July 8, 2024! For all the details about what you have to look forward to, CLICK HERE! 

June COMPEL Class – Managing Change Well In Your Life and Your Writing Journey, with Tracie Miles

Whenever we experience significant changes in life - where everything seems shaken up, our circumstances drastically change, or seasons shift—it’s normal to feel like we’re in unchartered territory, making it difficult to know how to adapt, adjust and keep moving forward in faith. Transition seasons can also make it challenging to persevere in our writing journeys when the unknowns seem confusing, intimidating or uncomfortable. In this lesson, Tracie Miles, Director of COMPEL Training, will talk about the importance of accepting and adapting to transition seasons and how doing so applies to the craft of writing, as well as share 8 best practices to help you shift your mindset about change and learn how to keep persevering in life and with your writing dreams when changes feel overwhelming and you feel tempted to quit. Tracie will also help you prepare your heart for the upcoming transition to COMPEL Pro this summer!